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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Screenwriting and Fine Dining: Make the First Bite the Best

Have you ever eaten at a fine dining restaurant?

Have you taken the first bite of a dish, only to find that it tasted like hot garbage?

How did it feel when you took that first bite and knew that the food was bad?

Did you keep eating? Did you hope it would get better?

Did you finish your plate, even when the thought of another bite made you want to throw up?

Or did you stop eating? Did you send it back? Did you complain to the manager? 

Did the chef ever tell you, "it gets better as you go"?

Did you ever go back to that restaurant again?

Let's say you're a forgiving person and you give that restaurant another shot.

You order the same dish, in hopes that it'll be better this time.

You take that first bite.

Now it feels like a choir of angels singing on your tongue.

The first bite was so good, you took another bite. And another. And another.

You finish the entire dish without even realizing it.

Now look at your screenplay. 

How good is your first page?

Do you expect a reader to go through your poorly-written first page?

Do you want to tell the reader, "It gets better as you go"?

If you were reading it as an outsider, would you want to finish the page?

Is there anything on Page 1 that would make someone want to turn to Page 2?

If you want to impress producers, agents, and contest judges, you have to make Page 1 so compelling that they NEED to turn to Page 2.

Make that first bite the best. 


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