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Monday, August 22, 2022

"Where Have You Been?"

As a way to get back to the way things were in the Before Times(™), I thought I would post a new entry into this long-neglected space.

Just because I haven't been posting here doesn't mean I haven't been busy elsewhere. These other commitments have prevented me from giving this space the attention it deserves.

As for my "day job", I have been reading scripts for Coverfly and the Austin Film Festival. If you plan on attending AFF, drop me a line (storyintoscreenplayblogATgmailDOTcom) and we can talk about your project while we watch the Astros (hopefully) win Games 1 and 2 of the World Series! 

I've also carved out time to develop my first half-hour comedy pilot. Jobber is about a young aspiring pro wrestler whose dreams of superstardom in the world's biggest promotion collide with the reality of his new position as an "enhancement talent".

Since my Kairos Prize win last year, my wonderful manager has been taking my projects to some top-name producers and streamers. If I had permission to drop some names, you would likely recognize someone who had seen my work.

I've also been working with a wide array of clients on their scripts. While I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of any specific project, most of them involve adaptations of true stories, a subject I covered in a previous post.

I've also been expanding my VOTE Method presentation to live seminars. I've presented these quick, one-hour lessons at the Comicpalooza convention, the Houston Media Source (VIDEO LINK), and the Scriptwriters Houston group meeting.

While my attention in recent months has strayed away from generating words on paper (or on-screen), those efforts have gone toward my YouTube channel (LINK). I have posted several interviews with some of the leading script consultants in which we discuss their experiences within the industry, advice for aspiring writers, and hints on what to look for in a mentor.

Over the last ten years, I've been a produced screenwriter, an optioned screenwriter, a paid screenwriter, a contest-winning screenwriter, and now a "repped" screenwriter.

I've also been a film critic, a screenplay contest judge, a story analyst, a public speaker, a private consultant, and (on rare occasions) a top-flight screenwriting blogger.

As for the future, I am always looking for new avenues to help people turn their stories into screenplays. One of those avenues has been this blog, which I have neglected for far too long.

While I enjoy the interviews and the speaking gigs, I recognize that writers need to write, regardless of whether that writing involves screenplays, blog posts, or grocery lists.

My goal for the rest of this year involves putting out a new post each week (published on Friday) that reflects my thoughts on films, TV, or anything else related to the craft of screenwriting.

If you have any suggestions for future posts on subjects I haven't covered, drop me a line at the address listed above or fill out the form on this page. Also, please like and follow Story Into Screenplay on Facebook. While I will post long-form articles here, I also post short remarks and event updates on the FB page. 

I will also work on offering my VOTE Method lessons as online classes available by subscription or by one-time purchase. While the blog posts and live seminars scratch the surface of what this process can do, the additional lessons go deeper into showing the potential of how this approach can help you attract agents, actors, and audiences to your project.

As this "glorious summer" winds down, I want to ensure that it doesn't lead to a "winter of discontent" for my fellow writers. From now until the start of the Austin Film Festival, Story Into Screenplay will offer a FREE 30-minute one-on-one Zoom call for anyone in the US or Canada interested in developing their screenplay.

To schedule your session, email storyintoscreenplayblogATgmailDOTcom or fill in the form on this page with your name, your availability, and the title and logline for your project. If you're not sure how to create a logline, check out my post on how to use the VOTE Method to craft the ideal logline

Anyone who signs up for their FREE one-on-one call also qualifies for a discount on their script analysis reports and one-on-one consultation sessions. 

Don't put your dreams off until 2023. Let's get your script into shape before this year closes out.