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Thursday, August 12, 2021

One Villainous Scene – Killmonger's Museum Heist

From the people who brought you "One Marvelous Scene" and "One X-Cellent Scene" comes a new playlist just in time for the release of James Gunn's The Suicide Squad.

This joint effort, titled "One Villainous Scene", examines the best scenes with the worst villains.

Unlike previous lists, this list doesn't just limit itself to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the X-Men franchise, or even superhero movies as a genre.

However, in sticking with the theme of my previous entries in the "One Marvelous Scene" list, I'm going back to the well to examine a scene from the most compelling film in the decade-plus history of the MCU: Black Panther.

This entry will examine the museum heist scene by using everyone's favorite tool: the VOTE Method

First, let's look at Killmonger's VOTE:

Victory – What does he want?

He wants to steal the vibranium ax.

Obstacles – What stands between him and his Victory?

The armed guards, the security systems, and the snooty white "expert" hover over his every move.

Tactics – What does he do to overcome the Obstacles?

He tells the expert that she's wrong about the ax's origins.

He bribes the coffee server to poison the expert and reprogram the security cameras.

He brings in Klaue to kill the guards and shatter the glass.

Energy – What emotional need gives him the Energy to pursue his Victory?

He needs to rectify the injustice of how the ax got there.

He needs to use it as an instrument to rectify the greater injustice of what happened to his father in Oakland.

Next, let's look at the museum director's VOTE:

Victory – What does she want?

She wants to show off her knowledge of the history of each relic.

Obstacles – What stands between her and her Victory?

Killmonger challenges her assumptions about the ax's origins. 

He confronts her about how the museum didn't "pay a fair price" for the artifacts.

Tactics – What does she do to overcome the Obstacles?

She summons the armed guards to throw Killmonger out of the exhibit.

Energy – What emotional need gives her the Energy to pursue her Victory?

She needs to show that her privileged education gives her more insight into these artifacts.

She needs to show that she knows more than someone who speaks and dresses the way Killmonger does.

Even in what some audiences may consider a less important scene, the VOTE Method can ensure that each character has a clear motivation.

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