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Monday, January 13, 2014

"I have a great idea for a movie!"

No. You don't have a great idea. You don't have an idea that hasn't been pitched in a thousand meetings to a thousand producers by a thousand writers who are each more qualified, more creative and more dedicated than you will ever be.

Movies are about stories, not ideas. If you don't have a story, you don't have a movie. A character trait is NOT a story. A silly situation is NOT a story. An action sequence is NOT a story - yes, Michael Bay, I'm talking to you.

If you have an idea that you want to turn into a story, I can help. I have worked with writers in various genres to help them shape their ideas, concepts and characters into dramatic and compelling stories.

If you have a story that you want to turn into a screenplay, I can help. I have also shown writers how to convert their stories and novels into the strict structure found into feature screenplays.

I have started with scraps of an idea, character and genre and turned out short screenplays in just a few hours.

You can view some of the short films I've scripted here:

"Keys to the Kingdom" (renamed "Lost and Found"):
2012 24 Hour Film Race - Houston

"All That Glitters" ("Best of" Finalist; Winner, "Best Use of Prop")
2012 48 Hour Film Race - Houston

"Curveball" ("Best of" Finalist; Winner, "Best Sound Design" and "Most Improved")
2013 48 Hour Film Race - Houston
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Please like, share and comment on these videos, as our cast and crew worked very hard (with very little sleep) to bring these scripts to life. 

If you still think you have a good idea for a movie, and I haven't convinced you otherwise, drop me a line and let me help you turn that idea into a real-life screenplay.

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