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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Baseball, Screenwriting, and "The Writer's Journey": Home Plate

The final stop for the baserunner sits just ninety feet away: home plate. However, he has to get past the catcher, the only player on the field covered in body armor. The catcher stands ready to take out any runner who tries to score.

The final stop for the screenwriter sits a lot farther than ninety feet away: getting your project made, distributed, and in front of an audience. The screenwriter may have to overcome numerous obstacles before they can slide into home.

Scheduling conflicts, legal entanglements, contractual obligations, logistical issues, and so many other problems can delay a script's production or halt it in its tracks (see: March 2020-present). 

Just as a baserunner can take a lead from third base to improve their chances of scoring, the option represents a lead toward getting the script made into a feature film or TV pilot.

Finally, with some beneficial timing and some guidance from the coaching staff, the baserunner can make a break for home, score the winning run, and celebrate with a Gatorade shower from his teammates.

This process also holds for the screenwriter, as they rely on guidance from their script coach, their manager, their agent, and their producer to slide into home and get the cameras rolling.

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