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Friday, October 8, 2021

Baseball, Screenwriting, and "The Writer's Journey": Third Base

Once a runner reaches second base, that doesn't mean that his mission is halfway to completion. The process of getting from second to third often entails more luck and patience than any other part of the game. 

As a writer, once you get to second base and get representation, that agent or manager will work with you like a teammate ready to help you advance to third base: getting your script to a producer.

In baseball, a poor decision by a baserunner between second and third can kill a team's chances to score, despite the best efforts of the teammates hitting behind him. The runner can also encounter bad luck, such as the shortstop snatching a line drive and tagging him out on the way to third. 

In screenwriting, a poor decision can run you right out of the game and kill your chances of selling your script or working with a producer. Current events, poor timing, or just plain bad luck can also send you back to the dugout.

In baseball, when a runner reaches third base, they have another helper in the form of a third-base coach. That coach can advise the runner whether to stay on base or make a mad dash for home plate to score.

In screenwriting, if you're lucky enough to reach third base, the producer could act as your third-base coach and help you put together a deal to get your script made into a movie or TV series.

Check back tomorrow to see how to "score" a deal and take your project from the page to the set to the screen.

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